About Us

Signature Dough evolved from a partnership of two like-minded businessmen who purchased Bread Loafers Bakery Inc. Today, as a frozen bake off product, our clientele include grocers, bakeries, coffee shops, and deli’s who finish the product at their facilities and market as their “Signature Brand,” and we love the partnership. Unlike cheap products made with questionable ingredients, our products are premium and provide for great margins for our clientele- a true win win.

So, as a Wisconsin made product that is expanding throughout the Midwest, how is our product different; unique?

As a wholesale frozen food production operation, our products are second to none. Not only do we use the best ingredients by supporting the best farmer ingredients available, because our company has an emphasis on exceptional morning buns, we have expanded our product line up to include multiple flavors.

With a time tested, handmade process, our dough is affectionately, “made with love.”